Trout Pond and Little Notch Pond Trails, Little Moose Public Land (Greenville)

I hiked the Trout Pond and Little Notch Pond Trails in the Little Moose Public Land today.  I chose to hike in Greenville since the forecast there only called for scattered showers whereas everywhere else it called for rain all day.   

The Trout Pond Trail is a short trail (0.3 miles one way) that leads to a waterfront campsite complete with fire ring, outhouse and canoes.  Despite being short the trail crosses several wooden bog bridges.  There was moose scat and a very recent moose print along the trail.   When I arrived at Trout Pond I noticed a commotion across the pond which turned out to be a loon chasing another loon.  After hiking out and back I decided to hike along the road past the trail to see where it lead (it deadends after a short distance.)

The Little Notch Pond Trail leads to another waterfront campsite.  This trail was slightly longer (0.7 miles one way) and gained about 300 feet of elevation.  Like the Trout Pond Trail, there was also moose scat and tracks along this trail.  
The below map shows the two trails in proximity to each other.


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