Coastal Land Trusts - Weskeag Marsh Preserve (South Thomaston), Plaisted Preserve (Owls Head), and McLellan-Poor Preserve (Northport)

I had an errand to do in Thomaston so decided to explore three coastal land trust properties that I had not previously visited.  

Weskeag Marsh Preserve

Weskeag Marsh Preserve is a 132 acre Maine Coast Heritage Trust preserve in South Thomaston.  The preserve features a mile-long grassy loop trail running adjacent to woodlands as it skirts the perimeter of a large open field.  The trail leads down to the marshy shore of the Weskeag River.  

Plaisted Preserve

Plaisted Preserve is a beautiful 17 acre municipally owned property is jointly managed with the Georges River Land Trust, which holds a conservation easement on the property.  A 0.8 mile trail leads through a coastal forest to a small ocean beach.  

McLellan-Poor Preserve

The 66 acre McLellan-Poor Preserve is managed by the Coastal Mountains Land Trust and features around 2.5 miles of wooded trails overlooking the Belfast Reservoir.  I have driven past the preserve's parking lot on Route One many times over the years and assumed that it was a small grassy preserve based on what is visible from the highway.  I was happy to discover that the preserve is almost entirely wooded with the exception of the small grassy area off Route One.  Today I hiked the one mile Overlook Loop.


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