Maine Coastal Islands NWR - Salt Marsh and Corea Heath Trails (Gouldsboro)

I hiked two trails this morning in the Maine Coastal Island National Wildlife Refuge - the Salt Marsh and the Corea Heath Trails.

The 9,478 acre Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex consists of five individual refuges along Maine's coast.

Salt Marsh Trail - Gouldsboro Bay Division

The Gouldsboro Bay Division, in Gouldsboro, protects 635 acres, including mature upland forest and a large tidal saltmarsh and mudflat.  It shares a parking lot with the Frenchman Bay Conservancy's 438 acre Frances B. Wood Preserve.

The Salt Marsh Trail is a 1.6 mile trail that leads through a conifer forest to two observation platforms with views of the salt marsh.   There were no human footprints in the day old snow that covered the trail.  A few downed trees and icy slopes provided an obstacle course feel to an otherwise beautiful trail.  

Corea Heath Trail - Corea Heath Division

The Corea Heath Division consists of 431 acres of coastal peatland previously owned by the U.S. Navy.  

The Corea Heath Trail is a 0.4 mile handicapped accessible trail that leads to an observation platform overlooking a coastal plateau bog.  This is an easy flat trail with expansive views of the heath.  


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