Penobscot River Trails (Staceyville)

Penobscot River Trails is a 4,375 acre nature preserve owned by the nonprofit The Butler Conservation Fund.  The preserve's 15.5 acres of trails are open to crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing in the winter and hiking and biking during the summer.   The property has a visitor center, two warming huts and restrooms scattered throughout.  

I arrived shortly after 9 am and was the only one at the preserve.  After signing in at the visitor center I headed out on the trails, snowshoeing 6.3 miles on the well groomed trails.  I had the preserve to myself for the first part of the hike.   On the return trip I encountered a steady stream of skiers heading out to enjoy the trails.  

This is a beautiful place with trails that run adjacent to the river and through a variety of forested habitats.  


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