Appalachian Trail n/o Rt 15 to Bell Pond (Monson)

It has been raining intermittently this weekend throughout the state, at times quite hard, so when the forecast called for only scattered showers this morning I hoped the rain would hold off long enough to get a quick hike in.

I explored the AT in Monson early this morning, hoping the break in rain would provide an opportunity to see wildlife.   Parts of the trail from Rt 15 to Bell Pond were soaked and, as my boots and socks became soaked as well, I gained a greater appreciation of the challenges faced by through hikers on the trail who often have to hike in inclimate weather and often lack a chance to dry off and warm up afterwards.  

It was an enjoyable 2.5 mile hike nonetheless, with the rain holding off until the final mile on my return trip to the car.