Katahdin Stream Falls and Daicey Pond Campground (Baxter State Park)

This weekend marked the 3rd year in a row that friends and I helped to coordinate and support my workplace's annual Katahdin hike at Baxter State Park.

We spent Friday night cabin glamping at Daicey Pond in Baxter State Park.  Our rustic cabin slept four on single beds in two separate rooms.  There was a pit toilet nearby and no electricity or water.  Being in the park and the views of Katahdin from Daicey Pond made it well worth it.  

On Saturday morning we hiked to Katahdin Stream Falls along the Hunt Trail with the group that was summiting.  We bid them fair well at the bridge and headed back to Katahdin Stream Campground (we had rented a site for Saturday night for the group to celebrate their accomplishment and eat dinner.) 

Later that afternoon I ventured back up the trail to provide "last mile" support to the returning hikers in the form of water, Gatorade and snacks.  Here is a map of my where both of hikes were. 


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