Halfmile Pond Trail, Amherst Community Forest

After spending Easter morning with my kids, I went for a solo hike at the Amherst Community Forest.  

I parked at the first pull-off on the road leading to Halfmile Pond and walked 1/2 mile to the trailhead.  The road was muddy so I was glad to have made that decision.  

The trail from the road is short but steep and leads down to the shoreline of Halfmile Pond.  The shoreline provides excellent views of a nearby mountain.  The trail continues along the shore until reaching the outlet on the south end of the pond. 

As I stood admiring the view an otter climbed onto the ice carrying a fish.  I watched for two minutes as the otter worked on eating the fish and then climbed back into the water.  

Here is a map of my hike.   


  1. Eric, how difficult do you suppose it would be to get a small canoe to the pond? -Jeff

  2. When I went there was ice on the trail so it was slippery, so its hard to say. I suppose if you went in the summer when the trail was dry and you have experience portaging, it would be possible. The pond itself is not that large.


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