Beavers at Great Pond Mountain Wildlands

I went hiking last night at Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in Orland and came across a family of beavers working feverishly in a pond off of the Hothole Pond Tote Road.  When I first approached the pond, I heard the sound of a beaver chewing and while I saw a beaver swimming, it was not the one making the sound.  I then noticed a second beaver sitting against a rock.  Over the next half-hour, I slowly made my way closer to the beavers.  At one point, a third beaver came into view and a total of three beavers - two adults and a juvenile, were all swimming together.  The beavers appeared to notice me and would swim over and look at me, but did not appear bothered by my presence.  I could have stood and watched for hours but unfortunately the sun began setting and I needed to hike the two miles back to my car.