Kayaking the Penobscot - Hampden to Bangor

My younger son and I kayaked the Penobscot River from the public boat ramp in Hampden to the outlet of the Kenduskeag Stream (here is a map).

We started out in a relatively natural setting and observed a bald eagle and several immature bald eagles in a nest while still in Hampden.  Once we turned a corner, however, the river quickly became industrial and commercial along its shores.  We made it north past the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion and were treated to Chris Stapleton doing a sound check before his concert and then a live band outside of Sea Dog Brewing.

It was a great day for kayaking.

On the right upper branches of the tall center tree sits a bald eagle.  The nest was nearby off-camera.

There are a number of man-made islands along the river.

We aren't really sure what this facility is but there was a tugboat and a large barge.


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